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Vaikobi Ocean Performance Clothing and Accessories – 15% off stock items (excludes VXP PFDs)

ZSS Paddling Equipment is offering 15% off all Vaikobi stock over the festive season. Be it PFDs, VCold Flex tops, or VDry Vests, we have you covered. Be quick and take advantage of this great offer. If there is a product we stock and don't have your size then we will...

Nordic Kayaks – Who are they and what are they about?

Founding of Nordic Kayaks Nordic Kayaks (NK) is a Swedish company, dedicated to the development, manufacturing and marketing of state-of-the-art surfskis – relying on a combination of CAD and traditional drafting skills, with input from experienced elite paddlers and...

Vaikobi Ocean Performance – VDRY Performance vest now available

ZSS Paddling Equipment is now stocking numerous items from the Vaikobi range. We are offering the range at less than recommended retail price to offer WA customers that little bit of extra value. Vaikobi spends considerable time working with some of the worlds best...

from $120

Nylon/Fibreglass (Plastic) Blade Paddles


The blades are a great low cost, durable option for paddlers looking for the efficiency a wing paddle can provide. The blade shape is designed to assist paddlers in optimising their technique whether it be on the rapids, flat water or in the ocean.

from $330

Genesis, Genesis Evo and Evolve Carbon Paddle Series


ZSS carbon fibre paddles represent the highest quality in construction and finish. The quality of construction and finish of these carbon paddles is second to none. These are truly a $600+ paddle with a $200 saving…you get a sale price every day of the year. CNC machined high-density foam core is sandwiched by aero-grade quality carbon fibre cloth with an epoxy matrix. Machined aluminium heated molds provide the ability to produce a superb gloss finish. Reinforcing is provided in critical areas to ensure these blades will stand up to the rigors of surf racing. These blade are constructed to meet the demands of flat water and surf paddlers world wide. The construction of these blades is made to the specifications of Zenith Sport Sciences and is designed for paddlers by a paddler.



At ZSS we will customise your paddle to suit you and your paddling requirements. Within 24-48hours we can have a customised paddle assembled. We will help you choose the shaft, adjustor option, blade shape and blade size that works for you. No need to hope that off the shelf paddle fits your needs, we will ensure you get what you need.


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“A Great Find”

“Could not be happier with the honest service and advice provided by John at ZSS. Will be back for sure.”


“Fabulous & flawless service”

“I was intent on purchasing a much more expensive paddle but John assessed my needs and the paddling I intended to do and in the end provided me with an option that was less expensive but more suited to my requirements .”


“Best value dealer in WA”

“Not the first purchase I have made through ZSS and definitely won’t be the last. Very pleased”


“Knowledgeable and experienced”

“John has a wealth of knowledge about equipment construction, repair and suitability. Saved me a lot of unnecessary searching and money. Couldn’t be happier.”


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