How do I purchase/order?

  • We would recommend you use our online shop to purchase the great products we have available. However, we are more than happy for you to give us a call (0411 394 277) or email ZSS (info@zss.com.au) with your order. Usually we will reply to emails or orders with 24 hours. Due to the time difference between WA and the Eastern states we may need to wait until the next day to catch you at a suitable time. We do a lot of after hours work so please feel free to contact us after normal business hours also.

Can I see the products before I buy?

  • Yes, you certainly can. We are primarily an online business which is how we keep the costs of our great products down. However, we are more than happy to make an appointment for customers to come and see us, no matter how big or small there intended purchase may be (click here for contact details).


How do I care for my paddle?

  • Make a habit of separating your paddle into half when storing between paddles
  • Always rinse your paddle thoroughly with fresh water after each use and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Ensure the adjustment mechanism is always clean of sand, dirt and other grit
  • Always store your paddle in its protective carry bag
  • Frequently check your paddle for chips, cracks or other damage. Lightly sand small edge chips to prevent the edge catching on objects and propagating the chip
  • Avoid storing or leaving your paddle sitting in direct sunlight
  • Avoid using your paddle to push off of objects
  • Do not place excessive force on your paddle when entering/exiting your kayak by bracing it against an object. Use the paddle to propel not a mechanism to brace with.
  • Do not load other equipment or supplies on top of your paddle at any time

What paddle angle should I use?

  • Most paddlers these days tend to use approximately 60 degrees offset. This seems to provide a good balance between the amount of wrist extension and deviation required by the locked hand and the amount of resistance to air produced by the recovering blade.

Is there a benefit going greater or less in angle?

  • A larger offset will result, to an extent, in less air resistance to the recovering blade however there will need to be a greater degree of wrist turn from the locked hand for each stroke and thus this may cause greater strain on the wrist overtime and also potentially produce a slower stroke rate. There are other factors which come into play but a biomechanical analysis would be required for each individual to determine the angle most suitable to each individual and I have to go and watch TV.