Allwave Genesi – (progressing novice/intermediate category ski)

The Genesi is designed to be a complete and versatile ski. For those who want to have fun on the waves, this ski is very stable and user friendly. Thanks to the central handle, this craft is also easy to carry. The ability to mount a  rudder to the extreme aft allows for the Genesi to be used from the beach or in the river in shallow water.

With a length of 520 cm,the Genesi is much easier to transport than many other skis. The footrest can be adjusted while on the water as the Genesi utilises the same system as its Allwave siblings. On the rear deck bungee cord provides for the capability to transport medium-sized bags.

* Length: 5.20m
* Width: 50cm

* HybridVacuum glass sandwich with carbon reinforcements $2990
Weight: 12.5kg

* Race – Vacuum sandwich carbon $3950
Weight: 11kg