Allwave Volo (advanced intermediate category ski)

The Volo (‘flight’ in Italian) is a more stable surfski for intermediate paddlers with same quality accessories and superior finish as the CX Elite. It is a stable surfski for those who have paddling experience and want to progress towards a more competitive craft. The main feature of the Volo, despite the reassuring stability, is that it is fast. The waterline of the ski allows it to reach impressive speeds relatively easily. The Volo is fitted with high quality accessories (footrests and rudder) the same as CX.  The seat in the Volo is larger than the CX but provides a comfortable and snug ride.

The hull shape gives the Volo remarkable agility in the waves and is extremely easy to accelerate onto waves. The venturis are partially integrated into the hull to ensure a rapid emptying of the cockpit and a good impact resistance.

* Length: 6.42m
* Width: 46cm

* Hybrid – Vacuum glass sandwich with carbon reinforcements $3750
Weight: 14.5kg

* Race – Vacuum sandwich carbon $4750
Weight: 12.5kg