Allwave CX (elite category ski)

CX went into production in May 2010, instantly it was recognised for its superior quality and deserved its place among competitive elite surf skis.

The CX is designed for experienced athletes but it is relatively stable for an elite craft and easy to maneuver, it is controllable even in demanding seas. The CX was designed to give athletes the opportunity to develop maximum power in all conditions; the goal that all the manufacturers chase was achieved with this surfski design. It possesses excellent speed on the flat water, easily able to match the competition. It is easy to control on waves which in turn allows the pilot to concentrate on paddling and maintain boat speed. The bow has generous volume without being too bulky. The entry point for the paddle on the CX is narrow to allow for a fluid paddling motion without continuously having the paddle hit the deck.

The comfortable, enveloping seat allows for solid control of the ski. The waterline is also generous, providing for a great top-end speed. A world first is the footrest, adjustable from water via the easy movement of a lever. The footrest can easily move forward or back without the requirement to adjust the tilt of the pedals that are positioned automatically. However, if pedal adjustment is necessary, this can be adjusted very quickly without effort.

Excellent international results have been obtained on the CX by paddlers such as Simon van Gyssen (South Africa), Alexa Cole (South Africa), Mariano Bifano (Italy) and Dane Sloss (Australia).

“This is a very good­ looking ski. The boat that I paddled had been made in Italy at the Allwave factory there and, judging by the seams, they have build techniques that are more precise than most manufacturers. Every other ski that I’ve ever seen has a thick layer of resin over the seam – which disguises any imperfections in the mating of the deck with the hull. Not the CX. 
“The fittings too are precise and beautifully engineered. Apart from their experience with outrigger canoes, the company also has long experience of building yachts, and this is evident in controls that adjust not only the footplate but also the angle of the rudder pedals. The tiller bar too is a beautiful machined stainless steel part – a far cry from the roughly stamped, bent and filed apologies for a bar that I’ve seen in some other skis! 
In my opinion, this ski ranks up there with the rest of the “elite” level skis…
If you can get your hands on one, definitely include it in your list of skis to try out. ”

Rob Mousely – review

* Length: 6.40m
* Width: 42.8cm

* Hybrid – Vacuum glass sandwich with carbon reinforcements $3750
Weight: 13.5kg

* Race – Vacuum sandwich carbon $4750
Weight: 11kg