ZSS is the are the exclusive distributors for the Allwave range in Western Australia.

Allwave is a company possessing over 25 years European building and racing experience!

Allwave initially devoted their resources to the production of racing catamarans, a stimulating challenge that brought the knowledge and experience required to produce world class products from composite vacuum forming.

The companies’ involvement in the ’90s with several projects in the field of oceanographic research , including that of a submarine for the CNR (National Research Center), initiated Allwave’s development of  models utilising 3D CAD/CAM.

Since 1999 Allwave have dedicated their knowledge and expertise exclusively to the construction of paddling craft including surf skis, outriggers and kayaks, extensively relying on their hydrodynamic experience to develop competitive and usable craft. In 2013 Allwave started to produce an Olympic K1 (Air), developing in addition to the computer designed water lines, a revolutionary system for the seat and footrest, adjustable while sitting in the water. To create the high precision stainless steel components Allwave utilised CAD/CAM and CNC laser cutting technology that pushed the quality and precision of the products to a world class standard.

Driven by the desire to achieve a balance between Italian style, technology and performance in the ocean, the Allwave team have designed and crafted an incredible range of canoes.

Quality and Innovation
With extensive experience in vacuum composite forming, fluid mechanics, CAD/CAM and CNC cutting technology, Allwave are equipped to build craft to meet the demands of the most fastidious paddlers.

 “The fittings too are precise and beautifully engineered. Apart from their experience with outrigger canoes, the company also has long experience of building yachts, and this is evident in controls that adjust not only the footplate but also the angle of the rudder pedals. The tiller bar too is a beautiful machined stainless steel part – a far cry from the roughly stamped, bent and filed apologies for a bar that I’ve seen in some other skis! ”
Rob Mousely – Review of Allwave CX