ZSS Dura Series – Kayak/Ski

A great option for surf and river racing, this paddle series has been designed for those paddlers who are seeking a low-cost paddle to fill the void between the more expensive carbon range and the basic entry level plastic composite blades. But don’t be fooled by the price…Click here for more information.

ZSS Evolve Series – Kayak/Ski

The Evolve blade is a predictable and great blade choice for paddlers of all levels of ability. The tear drop blade has a small learning curve and paddlers will enjoy how quickly they become comfortable with it. Accompanied by an oval shaft, this blade is one you can just pick up and go with…Click here for more information.

ZSS Genesis Series – Kayak/Ski

The Genesis blade is at home in all conditions. The blade exhibits a great catch and just will not slip. The design allows for power production to be optimised and if you are stable in the boat you will get a great return. This blade shape is quickly becoming the most demanded in the world…Click here for more information.

ZSS Genesis Evo Series – Kayak/Ski

The Genesis Evo blade is an evolution of the popular Genesis blade. The blades exhibits all the same positive characteristics of the original Genesis blade but we have enhanced the stability at the front of the stroke allowing paddlers to be even more aggressive on the catch…Click here for more information.

ZSS DB1 – Dragon Boat

The DB1 is the lightest dragon boat paddle available today thanks to cutting edge carbon pre-preg construction. The blade shape optimises the current IDBF rules; the sharp edges provide for a clean entry and the concave upper blade area allows great power production…Click here for more information.