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Pre-Aussies Paddle Sale – save big dollars on your next paddle

ZSS will have a display at the 2017 Australian Surf Life Saving Titles at North Kirra (Gold Coast) from the 24th March till 2nd April. Whether you will be attending the event or not,

we are offering everyone the opportunity to share in the great prices we will be offering to those who attend the event on both pre-assembled and customised paddles.

If you are attending the event and would like to ensure stock does not run out on a selected item, you can order in advance and save an additional $30 on the normal freight charge. We are bringing as much stock as we can but it is limited.

Click on the link below to see the details and prices of the paddles available. If there is something not listed that you may be chasing just drop us a line and we will try and accommodate you at a great price.

ZSS Pre-Aussies 2017 Sale (20170302)

We also have stock of Paddle Bags, Mocke PFDs, Mocke Seat Pads, Weed Deflectors and all parts associated with our paddles (e.g. shafts, inserts, adjustors, locators, heat shrink).

If you have any questions or would like to view the paddles immediately (WA customers) please feel free to contact ZSS: Mob. 0411394277 or

We are happy to spend the time assisting you to get a paddle that suits your needs.

*Sale ends 15th April or while stock lasts

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Think Kayak and Allwave Demo Morning – Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club, Saturday 31st Dec

Think Kayak and Allwave Demo Morning – Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club tomorrow morning, (Saturday, 31st Dec) at 6.30am-10am. We will be bringing the new Think Uno, Think Evo, Allwave Volo and Allwave Genesis and any other ski by request. Come down and experience what all the new Think Gen 3 paddlers are raving about. The Italian made Allwave skis with their on-water adjustable footrest system and unique designs will be available for testing. Great boats at great prices leading into the new year.

If there is another Think or Allwave ski you may be interested in trying please let me know and we can organise a suitable time and location for trial. Mob. 0411 394 277 or (

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Think Kayak and Allwave – Demo Day – Sunday 18th Dec. Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club

As a result of the interest in the new Think Kayak Gen3 skis and the Allwave Genesis, we will be back at Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club tomorrow morning, (Sunday, 18th Dec) at 7am-9am. We will be bringing the Think Evo, Allwave Genesis and any other ski by request.

If there is another Think or Allwave ski you may be interested in trying please let me know and we can organise a suitable time and location for trial. Mob. 0411 394 277 or (

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Think Uno – the benchmark of all small volume elite skis?

Back in April, I was speaking with Stew O’Regan (Think Kayak Australia) regarding a few developments Think Kayak had in the pipeline and when Stew mentioned a smaller volume elite ski my ears pricked immediately. My boat of choice at the time and until I recently paddled the new Uno had been a Gen 2 Uno Max. I was excited by the thought of a new lower volume boat design but also apprehensive. I say apprehensive because there were characteristics I loved about the Gen 2 Uno Max. Firstly, the comfort, if you have paddled a Think you will know what I mean. The seat in these boats provides a paddling posture and comfort second to none and is the primary reason I changed to a Think ski. The seat supports you all day long. I didn’t want to lose the ergonomics of the Max. Secondly, the speed, I had grown to love being in a boat that could match anything around for outright speed. The Uno Max was a weapon when it was wound up.

While the Gen 2 Uno Max was an unbelievably fast boat in smaller conditions, I felt as a lighter male I had to muscle it around a little more than I would like. Being a 75kg paddler, 74kg when chocolate is evicted from the house for the week, I felt that if they could tweak the volume in the Uno Max and increase the maneuverability they would have a boat that any small-medium size paddler would chase.

When I first paddled the ski I hadn’t looked at any specs, done any measures or even compared the hull to anything else, I just paddled it. I knew straight away this was a different beast altogether.

What I noticed:

  1. The boat moved with my hips, I felt I could control the boat by my body movements much more than before. A big part of paddling for me is having a really solid connection with the boat so that steering is not solely left to the rudder.
  2. The ergonomics were as good as before, I felt comfortable straight away. The cockpit refused to let me hit it with my paddle. It didn’t appear to be significantly narrower but I felt I could place the paddle closer to the boat without hitting.
  3. The bow volume while definitely lower, by no means created a wet ride.
  4. The speed felt no less but far more usable. I say this because the boat was easier to place where I wanted. I could maneuver more easily and with less effort. I was no longer trying to muscle the boat into position, it would simply let me put it where it needed to be to maximise the speed this boat has.
  5. The DeBrito bailer, forget the Russians, test this thing it must be on something. I went down a steep face buried the nose and pretty much filled the cockpit. By the time I shaken the water from my face most of the water was gone. Obviously it went out the bailer but how it went so quickly I have no idea.
  6. The maneuverability was so improved that sharing part of the same name as the Gen 2 Uno Max didn’t seem right but then again it did keep all the good parts.

In summary, this ski was all I hoped it would be and a little more. I can’t say one boat fits all but if you are on the lighter side and want the ultimate elite low volume ski then you will be hard pressed to find something better. If you think the Uno is just a smaller version of the Uno Max, you are wrong. If someone had previously asked me to summarise the Think elite skis I would have said super comfortable, extremely fast and superbly made. Now I would say super comfortable, extremely fast, superbly made and maneuverable. The last characteristic was the piece of the puzzle I was hoping for.

John Wilkie (Zenith Sport Sciences)




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Allwave surf ski range now available in Perth (Western Australia)

The Italian made Allwave surf ski range is now available in WA. ZSS has the complete Allwave range in varying layups. To celebrate the launch of the brand in Western Australia ZSS is offering fantastic pricing on the skis and the opportunity to pick up a new carbon ZSS paddle for only $300 (RRP $450) with any ski purchase.


GENESI (Entry Level) – We believe we have one of the best value stable skis on the market in the Genesi. Stable, maneuverable, comfortable and fast. Why buy second hand or settle for a heavier boat to save some dollars when you can buy a brand new 12.5 (+/- o.3)kg ski for the introductory price of $2990.  The skis come with a warranty supported by both ZSS and Allwave. If you are starting out on the ski or looking to ramp up your skills but like a stable platform to put the power down on but like the feel of a light weight composite craft then this is the ski for you. See more details…

VOLO (Intermediate) – The Volo (‘flight’ in Italian) is a surf ski for intermediate paddlers with same quality accessories and superior finish as the CX Elite and Genesi. It is a stable surf ski for those who have paddling experience and want to progress towards a more competitive craft. The main feature of the Volo, despite the reassuring stability, is that it is fast. The waterline of the ski allows it to reach impressive speeds relatively easily. If you find the elite skis just a little too much to handle but still desire great speed then this may be the ski for you. From $3750. See more details…

CX (Elite) – The CX is designed for experienced athletes, an elite craft and easy to maneuver, it is controllable even in demanding seas. The CX was designed to give athletes the opportunity to develop maximum power in all conditions; the goal that all the manufacturers chase was achieved with this surf ski design. It possesses excellent speed on the flat water, easily able to match the competition. It is easy to control on waves which in turn allows the pilot to concentrate on paddling and maintain boat speed. From $3750. See more details…

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Allwave Surfskis are coming to WA

ZSS are extremely pleased to announce that we will be adding another world class brand to our range of surf skis – Allwave (Made in Italy).

ZSS prides itself on providing customers with fantastic service and quality products. When we were approached by Super Mario to distribute the Allwave Skis in WA we made sure we put the product through its paces. In doing so we assisted Allwave in ensuring its products would meet the demands of Australian paddlers and conditions. We believe Allwave have a world class product that can enhance your paddling enjoyment and love for the water.

The Genesi (beginner/novice), Volo (intermediate) and CX (elite) surf skis are made manufactured by Italian craftsman; technicians with decades of experience in high performance sail boat design, composite vacuum forming, CAD/CAM manufacturing and CNC laser cutting technology. These skills and knowledge combined with a strong understanding of hydrodynamic engineering principles place Allwave in a position to provide world leading surf skis. These boats exude Italian precision and European quality.

Owner of ZSS, John Wilkie, is an accomplished international paddler and has years of experience repairing various paddling equipment. “It isn’t enough to have great designs and a great product. You need to be sure you can trust the manufacturer to be there to support customers if ever required. I can guarantee customers that Allwave and ZSS will support them well beyond the initial purchase.” John Wilkie – Owner of ZSS

ZSS will have Allwave skis available at The Doctor, 26th November 2016 for viewing and testing.





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New Financial Year Special – Fixed length Genesis Series $285

We have three brand new ZSS Genesis Series paddles available in medium and small/medium blade sizes which can be fixed to an angle and length of your choice for only $285. These paddles normally sell for over $400 in the fixed model. These three paddles are fixed in the centre. This does add some weight but only 60grams compared to the normal fixed paddles, still leaving a very light paddle. Once they are gone you will never see a deal like this again. Three only so act fast.

Please contact us on 0411394277 or for further information.

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Low cost kayak paddle – $170 – Carbon shaft with kevlar/glass blades

While stock lasts ZSS is offering customers fixed length paddles with a carbon shaft, kevlar/glass blade kayak paddle for only $170.

We can customise the length and angle for customers. These paddles have exactly the same shaft and blade as our Dura Series range except they are about 60 grams heavier as a result of a middle joiner. The shafts on these paddles were to be for our adjustable range but due to them having an internal diameter which does not match our adjustors, our loss has become your gain. Structurally they are no different strength wise from our Dura Series range. They are available with a range of blade shapes and sizes and as mentioned can be customised for your required length and angle.

Please contact us on 0411394277 or for further information.


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Gara Paddle Sale – 2 weeks only, limited stock!

For two weeks only, ZSS is offering customers the opportunity to buy a fixed Gara paddle for $350 or adjustable for $370.

This is a saving of over $100 on what other retailers are currently offering these world championship winning paddles.

All paddles come with a 50% twill carbon shaft. Adjustable paddles will be supplied with the new ZSS anodized aluminium adjustor.

We have the GP1, GP2, GP3 and GP4 blades in stock ready for custom assembly.

We have a range of ZSS accessories to compliment your paddle purchase (e.g. paddle bags, locators and heat shrink…)

The paddles are backed by our minimum 12 month warranty.

Please contact us on 0411394277 or for further information.


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IOP Winter Series 2016 – Sponsored by ZSS

ZSS is sponsoring the IOP Winter Series and will be offering great prices to event attendees on a range of our products during the series.

The Think Uno Max, Think Ion and Think Evo II skis will be at Sorrento SLSC this coming Saturday morning (28th May).

We will also have the Gibbons jig with us if you are looking for a measure for your new Gibbons Surf Craft.

If there is something in particular you would be interested in viewing or trying please drop us a line so we make sure we bring what you are interested in. 0411394277 or

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ZSS now representing Think Kayak in Western Australia

ZSS have kept this one under wraps for a few months now as we wanted to ensure we had a few things in place before we informed customers of this exciting partnership. Over the coming months we will be providing customers with the opportunity to try the Think skis at a number of demo days. Once you purchase your ski ZSS will be there to support your purchase and provide the best service we can.


Think Kayak are the premier designer and manufacturer of cutting edge, high performance surf skis, catering for all levels of paddler, from beginners right through to elite athletes.

Originating in Canada, and the brain child of boat designer Daryl Remmler, the brand has shown itself to be a market leader in design and innovation since its inception. Through constant research and development, Think Kayak offer a wide range of craft, in many different construction options to suit every paddler. Our craft are manufactured using only the highest quality composite materials, as we strive to provide paddlers across the globe with the best skis imaginable. This is reflected in the athletes racing at the highest level on Think Kayaks, and the results they have achieved.